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Front End Sale - $19.97 -  ($10 Off Coupon = $9.97) 100% Commission

FE consists of ~80 page Core Training eBook that covers many aspects of List Building & Traffic Generation​
audio files the user can download and listen to at his or her leisure as well as Videos. Both contain the Core Training as well as some personal insights, etc.
Over the Shoulder Videos that explain many different methods of List Building and shows examples ​
and More...

Upsell 1 - $67 One Time - 100% Commission

Upsell 1 (Done For You) This is a one year membership that will present the user with monthly packages that include eBooks and other lead magnets, articles, and email swipes that the user can customize and enhance to help drive traffic to their website(s) and encourage them to join the users' lists.  

Your List will LOVE the simplicity and the quality of this product and they will THANK YOU for promoting List Building Proficiency to them!!

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